Woman Wanted To Look Like Kim Kardashian, Dies During Cosmetic Surgery


In a shocking incident, A woman from Britain wished to have the body of Kim Kardashian who has inspired people to get corrective surgeries for breasts and buttocks. In this case from Turkey, a British woman called Jade almost lost her life on the operating table while undergoing surgery to get her posterior identical to that of Kim Kardashian.

She even paid around Rs 3 lakh for a four day trip to a cosmetic clinic in Turkey.

The procedure that involved taking fat out of her stomach and back to pump into her buttocks had her going through agonising pain and was given an anaesthetic by doctors, but she ignored their advice to rest for seven days and flew back to England in two days.

She wasn’t informed by doctors in Turkey that she had to be resuscitated after what may have been cardiac arrest. Jade was rushed to a hospital with erratic heartbeat and collapsed lungs on her return to England.

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She is now considering suing the clinic as she has a letter from a local GP stating that she had cardiac arrest.