WATCH: Shocking! 18-Months-Old Kid Seen Playing With Massive Python in a Video


In a most scaring and shocking video, a 18-months-old kid has seen playing with a huge python which is ten times bigger than him is gone viral and doing rounds on the internet.

In a captured video, a toddler seen playing with the giant python and he is unaware of the danger as he is seen dragging the beast as the snake slithers away.

The boy seen laughing and chasing the snake again and picks up the snake’s head and drops it on the ground and he was trying to lay down on the moving snake’s body.

Meanwhile, while filming the incident someone in the background can be heard laughing who are thought to child’s parents.

The footage which was taken on August 31 in East Java Province, Indonesia, was seen in millions by people since it was uploaded on YouTube.

Many people expressed their outrage over this video, one of them added – “Let’s see the parents laughing when the python suffocates him to death.” While someone added – “it was good to let children experience wildlife.”

See Video Here: