5 Indian Foods To Avoid in Hot Summer

foods to avoid in summer

Sea Food


Seafood is a great source of protein but can also cause food poisoning if it is not fresh. As you know in summer, fish are not easy to catch as there will no water left in the lakes and rivers so all you get in summer is the preserved seafood which can definitely be harmful to your body.

Red Meat

red meat


Red meat is a very good source of protein but as it comes with all the spices which will increase your metabolism resulting in growing temperature inside your body which is not at all a good sign.

Dairy Products


Dairies contain high quantities of fat. Doctors hence advise to cut down on our daily dairy intake as they are heat generating, result in gastric problems and cause pimple eruptions. Improper storage of butter, milk, cheese, ghee, can cause it to putrefy resulting in stomach upsets.

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Rotis are good for health but will take time to digest and also produce heat inside your body which can result in stomach aches, diarrhea, bloating.

Dry Fruits


Another must avoid this season are nuts. Nuts take longer to digest like rotis and generate heat in the body. They are essentially for winters. Avoid nuts and instead opt for fresh fruits and cream.