23-Yr-Old College Girl Gangraped Inside Temple Premises in Indore, MP

girl gangraped inside temple

In a shocking and horrific incident reported in Madhya Pradesh, a 23-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by 3 men inside the temple premises.

According to a reports, the college girl had come to meet her boyfriend in Patlawad village near Dhamnod. She had come by bus and was waiting near the temple which is close to a stone mine.

It is when one of the accused approached her and asked why she was standing alone.

“He advised her to move into the temple compound for her safety. But he summoned two others, who locked the channel gate to the temple and then took turns to rape her.”

gangraped in temple

The temple where the horrific incident took place is under construction and an idol of Lord Shiva is to be installed on the premises.

After brutally raping her, they left the girl in the temple and fled the crime scene. Immediately, the girl called up her boyfriend, but his phone number was switched off. The girl, despite in so much pain didn’t lose her presence of mind, then the girl called up one of her boyfriend’s friend who in turn informed the police.

According to the investigating officials, the girl had noted that one of accused had a ‘Sanju Baba’ sticker on his motorcycle which helped the police to nab the culprits.

Police said a 30-year-old individual named Sanjay Patel was caught first and admitted to the crime. He then disclosed the name of his friends Akhilesh Patel, 25, and Mahadev Patidar, 45, who were also shortly arrested.