Woman Slits Throat Of Her 1-Yr-Old Daughter Because She Was Crying Of Hunger

woman slits throat

In a crime that has sent shockwaves across Madhya Pradesh and whole India, a woman has killed her baby, because she was crying for milk.

The shocking incident was reported from Dhar in Western Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. Police have arrested the mother, identified as Anita for the murder.

“Anita killed her toddler allegedly because the infant was constantly crying demanding milk. She lost her temper and used a sharp weapon to end her daughter’s life. We are investigating the matter,” said a Police official.

woman slits throat of baby

During the incident, no one else was present in the house.

The incident came to light after a neighbour noticed the child falling silent abruptly and Anita locking up and leaving without her child.

Suspecting something wrong, neighbours and relatives searched the house and found the infant lying in a pool of blood.