WATCH VIDEO: Leopard Attacks & Creates Panic In Indore, 4 Injured


INDORE: A leopard strayed into a residential area in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore on Friday, injuring three people. The entire incident was captured on camera.

People of the area informed the police and the forest department and hundreds of people gathered to catch a glimpse of the animal.
As per reports, The leopard strayed into a housing colony in Indore’s Palhar Nagar area. It later entered an under-construction building and then shifted to another building and stayed there for nearly three hours and caused panic among local residents.
leopard attacks
At least three people were injured by the leopard when the officials were trying to trap the animal. The injured people were rushed to the nearby hospital.
The leopard was finally captured after being hit by two tranquillizing darts. A forest official was injured after he approached the animal after it was hit by the first dart thinking the animal had been sedated, but the leopard pounced on them injuring him and tried to escape.
The second dart sedated the leopard. Once the animal became unconscious, it was trapped in a steel cage by the forest officials.
The big cat would be released into the forest after mandatory medical tests.


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