VIDEO: Angry Bull Attacks Woman On The Streets Of Gujarat, Video Goes Viral


GUJRAT: In a shocking footage captured on camera, an angry bull was seen attacking a woman on the streets of Gujarat. The footage, caught on a surveillance camera, captured a black bull walking down a busy street.

Recently, this terrific incident took place in Gujarat where a woman was walking on the street and was attacked by an angry bull. The video of the incident was going viral all over the internet ever since it hit it.

The woman dressed in a yellow saree was attacked by a bull while she was casually walking on the road. The raging bull can be seen running towards the lady and tossing her in the air by hitting her from the back. The tragic accident left everyone in a shock and passersby rushed to help the poor victim to a hospital and suffered some injuries.

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However, the footage has been widely circulated on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.


This tragic incident was took place in Bharuch on March 13. As per reports, the woman in the video hasn’t done anything offensive towards the bull either. It created quite a lot of discussion on the safety of the people walking on the roads.


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