Shocking Facts About Johnny Sins

johnny sins

Johnny Sins

No, I am not gonna say that he’s a doctor, engineer, cop.. etc like the memes you see in social media. I am gonna tell about the actual facts about Johnny Sins which are lesser known. And don’t miss the last one.

His original name was Steve Wolfe(born in 1978, in the city of Pittsbugh), and he was a very shy boy in the high school but was fairly popular among the girls.

johny sins

This 39 yeard old American used to work as a construction worker before his friend suggested him to go to the porn industry.

johny sins 2

He’s currently in relationship with Kissa sins who is also a pornstar. He thinks that she is the horniest woman in the world and also did countless videos with her.

Kissa sins

Threesome scenes are his favourite ones. He even takes less remuneration for those scenes.

johny sins threesome

He started watching porn since the age of 8 and also managed to convince his parents to buy a computer for watching porn.

johny sins sex

His dream women to make love is Rihanna.


He recently starred in a Hollywood flick, John wick 2.

John wick 2

Rocco Siffredi is his rolemodel.

Rocco Siffredi

He got his own website, in which he also sells his merchandise. Also got a youtube vlog channel SinsTV. His networth is 3 million dollars.

johnny sins brands


He really enjoys the memes on him and wants more.

jonhy sins memes