Everything You Should Know About Ants


Everything About Ants

You may think that you know alot about ants. Trust me, you doesn’t. by the end of this article, you’ll have the complete overview about ants.

History:  Ants are said to be emerged over 99 million years ago evolving from wasp like ancestors to the ants which we see today. They belong to the ‘formicidae’ family along with sawflies, wasps and bees.

You can see the picture of wasp from which ants are evolved.


Types: Well, there are more than 12000 known species with different sizes and colors. There are also venomous ants whose bites can be fatal for humans.

ants lifestyle

Life style: lifestyle of ants is very co-ordinative and often humans get inspired by their lifestyle. Ants generally live in colonies with the population of a few dozens to millions.

ants house

They are categorized workers(female), soldier(female), drones(male) and the princess will be leading them. Princess is a female ant which is able to reproduce. Drones and princess have wings. If the princess of the colony dies, then colony cannot survive.

ants types

Life span: The life span of the ants is based upon the type it belongs to. On an average the life span varies from 4 years to 15 years. Once a queen lived for 30 years in USA.

lifespan of ants

Food consumption:  The food habits also differ based upon the types. Soma ants are herbivorous, some are carnivorous and some are omnivorous.

food of ants

Army ants are the deadliest which kills and eats every creature. If possible, humans too.

ants foodWatch this video where ants consume a Lizard:

Do you know?

  • Ants are one of the strongest creatures. They can carry upto 50 times their body weight which is, if they are of our size, they could lift a car.

ants are strong

  • Ants have no ears they navigate by feeling the vibrations of the earth through their feet.
  • Ants live on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Some ants can fly, some can swim and some can weave.

flying ants

  • The weight of the entire ants in the world will be more than the weight of humans across the world.

ants population

  • Ants fight with other colony ants for food, nesting space and eggs.


  • A few species of ants make other ants as their slaves.

So, Don’t kill the Ants because you may born as an Ants in coming birth.