Cambodian Actress Gets Possessed By A ‘Real Ghost’ While Playing Ghost Role For A Horror Film


Real Ghost Attacks Actress

A video is going viral on the social media that shows a Cambodian actress who was playing the role of a ghost got ‘really’ possessed by a ghost while the shooting was going on.

The video has been viewed more than 16 million times and has been shared over 7000 times so far in social media.

The actress who was ‘believed’ to have been possessed by a spirit also injured a fellow actress on the sets of the films. The incident happened in Cambodia where the crew was shooting for a horror movie.

Watch Video Here:

The actress who was playing the role of a ‘ghost’ got possessed by a ‘real’ ghost and went on to attack another actress. According to the Facebook post, the actress choked the other actress with a thin wire leaving her traumatised and with a wound on her neck.

The video also shows the crew members trying to talk to the spirit and asking her to leave the actress’s body.

Later she is seen talking on the phone to someone and crying. It looked like she was frightened with whatever happened to her.